Flubs and Duds

You may be wondering how “Flubs and Duds” came about.  Well, here it goes.  My live-at-home adult son, Ryan, had been asking for one of his childhood favorites that I used to make him – chocolate chip pancakes.  So, as if I am not rushed enough in the mornings, on this particular morning, my mind said, make Ryan his chocolate chip pancakes.  So I whipped them up from scratch, added my butter to the pan forgetting to turn down the heat some and as I saw the butter through the corner of my eye beginning to burn, I quickly grabbed the pan and took it off the heat for a minute, turning down the dial a touch.  Ah ha, at this point I was ready to throw in the towel but instead scooped some batter into the pan.  I let them go a minute and yes, upon glancing over at the pan and noticing that they were starting (I say starting) to burn, I again quickly flipped the little buggers over and let them cook another minute.  I then realized that a friend once told me to use with mini chocolate chips – they don’t seem to burn.  However, I continued on and made a total of six from this batter.  I poured some real maple syrup on one and tasted it.  My oh my, it was delicious!  So looks can be deceiving!  Give it a shot.  Your kids will love them! Add a pat of butter, sprinkle them with some powdered sugar and pour on the maple syrup.  Yum!.  So although they taste good, they are not very presentable as a recipe and so I decided to create a page titled, yes you know it, “Flubs and Duds”.  Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Hahaha I love it!


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