chicken cutlets


Package of Perdue boneless skinless chicken breasts, 3 count.  Cut breasts in half and thinly slice each breast half.  You should get 3-4 thin slices.  I find it easier to slice if partly frozen.

5 Jumbo eggs

Crisco oil for frying

Breadcrumbs as listed below (2 cups, but you might need more)



Homemade Bread Crumbs: (Do ahead)

Bread for making breadcrumbs such as a 6 count sub buns, 8 count hamburger buns, loaf of bread, etc.

To make breadcrumbs, put bread in food processor and process until fine.

Turn oven on to warm (170°).  Shut off oven.

Spread bread crumbs on large cookie sheets

Dry out and slightly toast bread crumbs in the oven, 1-2 hours, cool.  You can place in plastic zipper bag to use at a later time.

Alternative method I also do it another way by turning oven on to 350 degrees and place the crumbs on a large cookie sheet and bake approximately 5 minutes.  You have to look and once you see they are starting to brown LIGHTLY, remove them from the oven.  When they cool, crumble with your hands and scoop into a gallon baggie.  Store in the refrigerator.

When you are ready to make the cutlets, in a large deep bowl, add 1 cup Pecorino Romano cheese to 2 cups breadcrumbs.  You may add salt but remember the cheese is salty, and pepper

In another smaller bowl, crack your eggs and beat with fork until well combined.

Place a slice of chicken in bread crumbs, then dip in egg, allowing the excess egg to drip off.  This may be time-consuming but creates a much better cutlet.

Place the chicken back in the bread crumbs and lay on a large cookie sheet pan.

When you are about half way done breading the chicken, add half a bottle to ¾ of an 48 oz bottle of Crisco oil to a large Sautee pan or deep frying pan.

Continue breading chicken.

To test if oil is hot enough, place a tiny piece of bread crumb in the oil.  If it starts bubbling and frying, you are ready to start frying the cutlets.

Place as many cutlets in pan as you can fit without overcrowding.  Turn heat down a notch or two.

Fry each side until a light golden brown. Remove cutlets from pan allowing excess oil to drip off before placing them in a pan lined with paper towels.  Cover the chicken with a paper towel(s).   As you put each batch of cutlets in pan, be sure to add new paper towels to pan.  Place the drained cutlets on top of each other to make room for new cutlets.



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