finished steak qeisdia

I make chicken quesadillas often. My local grocery store recently had New York strip steak on sale, so I bought a pack and decided to make steak quesadillas. My son ate them and said they taste just as good as Taco Bell’s. I guess that’s a compliment!


Makes 4 large quesadillas

Steak (I used 2.38 lbs. of boneless strip steaks) (you can use any steak)

16 oz. shredded Mexican cheese (or whatever cheese you want)

8 Mission Large Burrito Flour Tortillas Super Soft (or whatever you prefer) (you can use medium sized or even small size ones)

Sour cream




Season steak with salt and pepper. Broil or grill steak until done. Let rest 5 minutes. Cut into thin slices.

steak raw 2.38 lbs. strip (2)

Next, you can use a Family Size George Foreman or a griddle or a large fry pan (coated with a Tbsp of vegetable oil). For fry pan, get the pan and oil hot and then turn down to medium high. I used the George Foreman. If using the Foreman, spray bottom and top with PAM.

Place one flour burrito on the Foreman, griddle or pan.

steak cut

Layer with cut steak and top with lots of cheese being sure to get close to the edges as this will “glue” the two burritos together. You can add other precooked vegetables if you’d like. Add top burrito. Close the lid on the foreman if using.

quesadilla topped

After about 2-3 minutes, flip the burrito. If it doesn’t have grill or brown marks on, don’t flip. Wait another minute. Check. If browned nicely then flip. Check after 2-3 minutes and use a large spatula and place on a dinner plate. Use a pizza cutter and cut in half, then 4, then 6, then 8. You should have 8 pie shaped pieces. Top with salsa and sour cream or whatever you like. Enjoy!


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